Specialised Facial Procedures

Facial Treatment
1 hour $150

Add on to any facial $80

The many benefits of microdermabrasion treatments and series of treatments can give your skin a healthy, fresh glow. This treatment stimulates collagen production as the surface of the skin is removed. This also stimulates the body’s natural healing process and increases blood flow, which can result in greater elasticity of the skin and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Existing lines, wrinkles and scars can appear shallower and the deep cleaning of the pores that occurs during a microdermabrasion treatment can significantly decrease the appearance of acne.

For optimal skin results, we recommend a minimum of 6 sessions.


One Session 45 minutes $100

Add on to any facial $60

Your skin therapist will assess your skin at the time of your consultation and determine which treatment is best suited for your skin concern.

•Amazing for ageing and toning, promotes cellular rejuvenation, activates ATP production and oxygenation

•Increases cellular activity; calming and soothing effects

•Anti-inflammatory, reduces capillaries and rosacea

•Promotes intercellular communication

•Purifying & anti-bacterial, reduces and clears blemishes and oily skin