Massage Therapies

Take some time out from your busy everyday life and treat yourself to some pampering. Our massages are designed for relaxation, using Swedish massage technique & soft, medium or firm pressure. Afterwards you can continue to relax with herbal tea in our lounge area.

30 Minute Massage $70

60 Minute Massage $120

90 Minute Massage $160

Add on one of these to enhance your experience

Add Hot Stones                                    $20

Add Aromatherapy Oils                     $20

Add Body Exfoliation                         $30

We cannot offer Hot Stones or Essential Oils other than Rose Oil to Pregnancy Massage for safety.

60 MINUTES $140

Designed to relieve the pressure & tension accumulated through the body’s changes during pregnancy. This massage may also reduce fluid retention and help with itching skin and skin elasticity.

1 hour 30 minutes $190

This is not your ordinary Hot Stone Massage!

 You begin laying on specially placed hot basalt stones whilst your therapist places stones on you body. Swedish massage movements are performed between stone placements.

Our full body and face massage is based on traditional healing practices. There are 54 different basalt stones used in various ways during the treatment to assist the body in self healing entering in deeper dimensions of relaxation, health and well being, creating a positive approach to body, mind and spirit.

Not available for weekend appointments.