Massage Therapies

Take some time out from your busy everyday life and treat yourself to some pampering. Our massages are designed for relaxation, using Swedish massage technique & soft, medium or firm pressure. Afterwards you can continue to relax with herbal tea in our lounge area.

30 Minute Massage $70

60 Minute Massage $120

90 Minute Massage $160

Add on one of these to enhance your experience

Add Hot Stones                                    $20

Add Aromatherapy Oils                     $20

Add Body Exfoliation                         $30

We cannot offer Hot Stones or Essential Oils other than Rose Oil to Pregnancy Massage for safety.

60 MINUTES $140

Designed to relieve the pressure & tension accumulated through the body’s changes during pregnancy. This massage may also reduce fluid retention and help with itching skin and skin elasticity.