The Magic Of Melodia

Maybe you’ve seen our Melodia Signature Stone Body & Face Massage in our price list, or read Sue’s Facebook review of the treatment…

“This is more than a massage – it’s a total mind and body experience. It was, without doubt, the best massage treatment I have ever had.”

Well I’m here to tell you a bit more about why you should stop what you’re doing and book yourself in immediately.

During this 90 minute treatment I will use 54 different sized and shaped basalt stones. Some you will lay on top of, some will lie on top of you, some you will hold, some will sit between your toes, and others I’ll use to massage you. These stones are all naturally formed by the earth and are hundreds of thousands of years old.

Using stones for healing is no new fad. The Mayan Indians, Chinese, Russians, Japanese, Hawaiian Kahunas and Mapuche healers of Chile have all used them for thousands of years. We have Stonehenge and stone circles using the powers of Mother Earth to recharge and rebalance. How many times have you picked up pebbles on the beach for no apparent reason and taken them home with you??

Before the massage starts I will perform a smudging ritual using a blend of Australian bush leaves to cleanse the room and both you and me, of any negative energy to allow you to get the best benefits from the treatment.

As you melt into the spinal placement stones underneath you, the chakra stones on top of you begin to open up the flow of energy around your body, taking you off to another world as the working stones gently ease out any knots and tension in your muscles.

This really is the ultimate treatment to calm the mind, relax the body and soothe the soul.

With Love,

Skin Therapeia x