Confessions Of An Injectables Virgin

I did it! I said I would never go down that path, but I bit the bullet and did it.

I got Botox.

And guess what? It wasn’t as scary or painful as I thought… in fact, I love it.

After watching the endless parade of friends and family having their faces injected and perfected, I figured it was time to see what all the fuss was about. I had my tax refund and hey, it’s all in the name of research – if I don’t like it, it can just be a one off. Except that I now love seeing 21 year old Ally in the mirror again, I think I’m hooked.

Walking into Dr Deon’s treatment room, I figured I would just chat to him about options and if anything took my fancy, I’d go for it. As it turns out, injectables are about so much more than anti-ageing. They have the ability to reshape a face, to minimise your need for makeup and to awaken the tired look it’s taken me 31 years to perfect. After a chat about my medical history and a thorough look at my face and all the bits I wasn’t so keen on (read: pretty much everything between my hairline and my toes!) Dr Deon presented me with the idea of several units through my forehead and frown lines (courtesy of a husband with a love for leaving cupboards open) and a few extra into the sides of my jawline to slim my “I love cake” style face.

Now, for a girl whose palms could end a drought when presented with the mere idea of a needle – I survived remarkably well. Truth be told, I’ve extracted blackheads that hurt more than my Botox. The worst of the injections feeling little more than the pop of a juicy pimple (but with a MUCH nicer looking outcome).

30 minutes is all it took from “let’s see what he has to say” to “oh my god! I did it!” Three weeks on and not only do I see my 21 year old face again… the droopy eyes that I unfortunately inherited from my father’s side are now a beautiful awakened almond shape that require no eyeliner artistry to correct each morning.

The only downside – having to find a different way to react to open cupboards around the house.

With Love,

Skin Therapeia x