Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse

When it comes to cleansers you can never have too many if you ask me.

Most professionals will recommend you have at least a couple of different cleansing options at home.

“Why bother?”

I’m glad you ask. Our skin and our day to day lives change. A lot. What is right for you today may not be particularly good for you tomorrow.

Take myself for example. My skin is a classic combination. Oily T-zone, dehydrated cheeks, and the thought of ageing petrifies me. My ‘every day’ cleanser is Cosmedix Purity Clean – I use it in the shower, it controls my oil flow, it has mild AHAs which give a slight exfoliation, helping with things from clearing up break outs to slowing the ageing process.

However, there are times this will be too active for my skin… If I’ve got a cold and my nose is red raw from blowing it. The few days post peel/laser/microdermabrasion etc. When I’ve forgotten I have pale English skin and overdo it in the sun. In these cases I use Cosmedix Benefit Clean, its extra gentle, sulphate free and amazing for sensitive skin!

Then come the times I arrive home after a few lemonades at 4am on a Sunday morning. Now, there is no way on this earth am I about to start washing my face over the sink. But I can hand on heart say 99% of the time I take my make up off before collapsing in a heap in bed. And I do it as quickly and easily as humanly possible using Payot’s Eau Micellaire Express. Whack it onto a couple of cotton wool pads, wipe it all over my face and eyes and voila…. Sleep.

So before you say “but I’ve got a cleanser at home” just think if it really does suit you 100% of the time.

With Love,

Skin Therapeia x