Why do we sell so many take home products?

I used to wonder this myself when visiting a salon – why so many options and how do I choose?

Actually, there are a few reasons.

Firstly, we want you to continue your treatment regime at home. We always ask our clients what their skin concerns are and what they would like to achieve. Following the prescribed treatment plan will help make those goals a reality sooner.  You wouldn’t expect to improve your fitness by going to the gym just once a month – same applies to skin care.

Secondly, think of it as food for your skin; if you eat at a restaurant once a month, that’s not your only meal.  You still cook at home, and while your meals might not have the same presentation as a restaurant meal, you use pretty much the same ingredients.

Most of the products we recommend as home-care have the same ingredients as the salon products we use on your skin, although in some cases the level of active ingredients is not as high.

Lastly, we don’t eat exactly the same meals every day; we know we need to eat fruit and vegetables every day but we like variety.  Your skin is the same – it needs different nutrition at different times.

Ask your therapist to prescribe a home-care regime to suit your lifestyle and budget for you next time you are in.

With Love,

Skin Therapeia x

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